Bank of Lexington
Main Office
761 Corporate Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

Phone: 859.219.2900
Fax: 859.219.0414
Fax: 859.219.2918


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  • John Mauldin, Chief Executive Officer,
  • Craig Dunn, President,
  • Billy Blair, Executive Vice President and Senior Lender,
  • Nancy Chase, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,
  • Steve Stone, Senior Vice President,
  • Bob McQueary, Senior Vice President,
  • Paul Finley, Senior Vice President,
  • Danny Branham, Senior Vice President,
  • Mike Flynn, Senior Vice President,
  • John Soper, Senior Vice President,
  • Cindy Burton, Senior Vice President,
  • Ryan Key, Senior Vice President,
  • Julie Childress, Vice President,
  • Mary Frances Barnes, Vice President-Loan Operations,
  • Ashley Corbett, Vice President-Deposit Operations,
  • Hock Parrish, Assistant Vice President-Lending,
  • Matt Mauldin, Assistant Vice President-Lending,
  • Lucien Kinsolving, Assistant Vice President-Lending,
  • T.J. Strong, Assistant Vice President-Lending,
  • Joe Bancroft, Assistant Vice President-Appraisal Services,
  • Lesley Jones, Assistant Vice President-Loan Processors Manager,
  • Tom Ocelli, Assistant Vice President-Loan Operations/IT,
  • Lauren Parrish, Assistant Vice President-Compliance/Finance,
  • Courtney Barker, Assistant Vice President-Marketing/Deposit Operations,


  • Kristyn Salsman, Loan Operations Manager,
  • Tara Cassidy, Senior Loan Administrator,
  • Colleen Hare, Loan Administrator,
  • Mandy Humston, Loan Administrator,
  • Nicci Smith, Loan Administrator,
  • Justin Jones, Loan Administrator,
  • Matt Baker, Loan Administrator,
  • Ashley Darland, Loan Administrator,
  • Casey Messner, Loan Administrator,
  • Lindsey BlodgettCompliance Administrator,
  • Deanna JewellDeposit Operations Specialist,
  • Mary Wallace, Customer Service Supervisor,
  • Rebecca Laudermilk, Customer Service Supervisor,
  • Courtney Beckley, Customer Service Representative,
  • Stuart Blodgett, Customer Service Representative,
  • Debbie Stakelin, Customer Service Representative,
  • Nicole Etapa, Customer Service Representative,
  • Morgan Burton, Customer Service Representative,
  • Shelby Weakley, Customer Service Representative,
  • Sela Brodersen, Customer Service Representative,
  • Maureen McRay, Customer Service Representative,
  • Stephanie Hilen, Customer Service Representative,